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Unreal Fendi

One Touch Window Button

Regular price R 3,500.00 ZAR
Regular price Sale price R 3,500.00 ZAR

One Touch Window Buttons are such an awesome Defender upgrade. Add a modern 'touch' to your already electric windows with this easily installed, wired module. It controls 2 windows in both the up and down directions. With its factory look, this modern enhancement adds to the comfort of the vehicle whilst maintaining its original feel - something we strive for at Unreal Fendi. 

It is a wired control module. It is a very basic install and instructions are included in the box. You keep the original switches. Only works with existing electric windows. 
  • Controls 2 vehicle windows in both directions
  • One touch operation for easy use
  • Automatically rolls up the windows when the security system is armed

Watch them in action here.

Price is for supply only - excludes installation and/or shipping.