Headlight Upgrade

Defender headlights are often a cause for concern, especially when traveling long distances or on uneven terrain at night. A Defender’s factory headlights are useless (if we ignore the Nolden headlights in some limited edition Fendis) and we therefore have a lot of clients upgrading them. 

Our standard Defender headlight upgrade is the STEDI 7 inch Homage Headlight.

The STEDI quality is far superior to anything else on the market at this price range. They are more expensive than the Chinese-made equivalent but well worth it. You'll get over 200m on dims and 400m on brights. Unreal! These are top quality headlights and our go-to when it comes to a Defender headlight upgrade. We pride ourselves on only using the best quality parts in our workshop, down to the nuts and bolts.

Our Stedi headlights are available to buy online or we can fit them in our workshop.

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Rear Window Anti-Rattle Upgrade

Rattling rear windows can be a huge annoyance in a Land Rover Defender. It not only reduces the driving comfort but the insulation of the vehicle as well, which can mean temperature control problems as well as dust ingress.

Unreal Fendi’s Rear Window Anti-Rattle upgrade is an extremely popular upgrade that leaves our customers letting out a huge sigh of relief and the inability to believe that they had lived with it for so long.

This upgrade requires bringing your Land Rover Defender into our workshop where we replace the factory window gutter material with a new rubber and felt strip that secures the windows properly inside the window guide. This eliminates the rattling entirely.

Making the body of a Land Rover Defender quieter really makes a huge difference to the comfort, especially for the passengers.

An absolute no-brainer for all Fendis that have the factory-fitted rear sliding windows.

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Door Solidification

The Land Rover Defender door construction methodology, in its raw state, is a great recipe for rattles. The doors are essentially made from various "skins" of metal, placed together with minimal bonding agent between them. This, coupled with the fact that the components inside are often broken, worn out or simply not put in place correctly, means that closing a Land Rover Defender door often sounds more like dropping a bag of bolts onto the floor from your roof rack.

To remedy this, and give a more premium feel, we introduce special bonding agents between panels, we solidify the window runners, introduce various methods to reduce component movement and add weight to the door to make it feel more premium on the close. We also line the doors with vibration absorbing materials as well as sound ingress restricting material, all acting together to reach the ultimate goal: a Land Rover Defender door that closes with an appropriate thud and makes the passengers feel far more confident from the get go.

In addition to the above, the ease of closing negates the need to slam the door, resulting in far greater longevity of both the door and its internal components! An absolute must in all Fends!!!

Door solidification is done exclusively at our workshop.

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Pedal Softening Kit

Improving the comfort of the drive in a Defender is something that we pride ourselves on here at Unreal Fendi. Making it more comfortable to drive doesn’t mean you have to change the overall feel of the vehicle or the factory look. One of our most popular comfort upgrades is our pedal softening kit - The PPOWERmaster bundle. This bundle includes the POWERspring and the POWERmaster cylinder.

This bundle makes your clutch 70% lighter - it honestly feels like a polo clutch!!

If you install the bundle at our workshop we do an additional modification to the pedal box, so that the pedal sits in a comfortable position. If you don't do the pedal modification it sits a little higher than normal once you've installed the parts.

If you are using your current clutch, you can do both of these at the same time. If you were to replace the clutch itself, you would first add the Spring and then 10,000kms later add the Master Cylinder.

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Grille Upgrade

A grille is often the statement piece of a Defender, something that portrays your personality through your car. We offer 2 grilles: the adventure grille and the standard grille. Both these grilles come with gloss headlight surrounds.

We manage this process in a unique way in that we remove your current grille and headlight surrounds (we keep those) and we replace them with the new ones of your choice. We offset the value of your parts with the cost of the new set. Should you opt to retain your existing grille and headlight surrounds, the price is different.

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Audio Upgrade

The standard audio components in the Defender are not suited to the demands of a modern Defender owner. Owners want more clarity with less 'noise'. We use industry leading components to improve sound quality across the frequency ranges. Our tweeters use crossovers to prevent them needing to accommodate frequencies below their capability. Our mid speakers are responsible for treble and our sub takes care of the low notes. All together you end up with an audio environment where all components are operating within their tolerances, resulting in clear, crisp sound capable of handling any genre of music.

Available for all Defender models.

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Sound Proofing

Soundproofing makes an enormous difference! But it requires a lot of work. Proper soundproofing requires different elements to be done at the same time. otherwise, it's not effective. One needs to firstly ensure that there are no holes or gaps in the body panels and that all joins are sealed. Then a level of vibration dampening needs to be achieved. Thereafter one must “stop sound”. For that we use a special mat that is covered with good quality carpeting.

The roof requires heat absorbing material as well. We then lay full blankets of heat insulation on the exterior of the vehicle to stop heat coming in. If we leave one of the steps out then our procedure is not as effective as it should be.

Each case is unique and we would need to know a couple more things i.e. Do you want to do the whole car or partial car? Do you want new carpets or to use your old carpets? Do you want any other interior upholstery done? With our interior sound insulation we usually put sills in that hide the added layers of soundproofing. It makes it neat and sleek. Something we can show you at our workshop.

The cost of this is unique to each vehicle. The reason it can change is due to the condition of interior panels, the extent of the existing carpet installation, glue etc. We offer a free sound proofing assessment at our workshop.

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Tail Light & Indicator Upgrade

Indicator and tail lights are a great aesthetic modification for your Defender. These upgrades really make the vehicle look polished and updated without losing the factory feel that we all love.

Our suggested indicator and tail light upgrade is our LED light kit that includes 2 front indicators and pilot/Parker lights (excludes side repeaters and the number plate light).

Please note this doesn’t include headlights.

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Solid Output Shaft Upgrade

“It’s the best thing in the world!” Yotcho, our chief engineer and Defender guru on the LOF output shaft. The unlubricated splines on the unnecessary joint fail in almost every instance in the Fends, some high milage, some low, some medium, one never knows! It goes from perfect to no drive at all! A flatbed is an inevitable and expensive experience which can be prevented entirely by installing a solid output shaft! We think it’s an absolute no-brainer for PUMA owners. We absolutely adore the PUMA, and with some minor tweaks it can be totally reliable and dependable for many, many kms, whilst being comfortable and refined.

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Body Respray

Changing or refreshing the pain on your Defender can be an incredibly cool way to update your vehicle. However, as with all things. atUnreal Fendi, we are very particular about how. we do resprays. When it comes to a respray we don't do body-on resprays. We only do body-off resprays - we don't think that the owner can retain original vehicle value if sprayed with the body on, and to do it properly (and once) it should be stripped and sprayed and refitted.

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Catch Can Installation

Installing a catch can into your Land Rover Defender is an absolute no brainer. Without it all of your engine blow-by (oil vapour) is directed back into your air intake. This results in a clogged intercooler and a sooted inlet manifold. The end result is a reduction in performance and ultimately reliability concerns.

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Double Din Conversion

Our Double DIN conversion is a great upgrade in that it looks infinitely nicer than the original but, more importantly, it adds a degree of comfort and convenience that we've grown to expect from a daily. Control your music using a touch screen Sony radio head unit via wireless Android Auto or wireless Apple CarPlay, which also allows you to make bluetooth mobile calls using the Unreal Fendi integrated Headliner microphone. Reversing is made easy with the integrated reversing camera and it includes new facia that looks sleek and neat with direction adjusting AC vents (in the Puma).

Available to purchase for self-installation or can be installed at our workshop.

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Transfer Case Leak Rectification

All Defenders, Discovery 1s and Discovery 2s will have a transfer case leak at one point or another. It will happen. To rectify this we modify the intermediate shaft with a pressed steel bush and then we go one step further. Adding a double seal on the intermediate shaft is where the difference comes!

This service is carried out at our workshop.

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Body Decals

We offer a range of custom Unreal Fendi decals that can be applied to the exterior of your vehicle. Whether it's a subtle touch. of colour, a classic sticker or. a custom design, we have. it all. Available to purchase separately or can be installed at our workshop.

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Satellite Steering Controls

Even though we love the Defender for its simplicity, we can't argue that some modern technology makes life a little easier. It is for that reason that we love our Satellite Steering Controls so much. Up the volume, skip the track, answer your phone - it's all there in a factory look steering control.

Please note that it is only compatible with radios with a remote steering harness. Available to purchase as a kit or have installed at our workshop.

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